Who doesn’t like that natural blush look with an added glow on their cheeks? Well, all of us do! But during summer, the heat, humidity, and harsh sun rays can take a toll on the skin and rip away all the glow. Now, there are dewy makeup products and blushes from different brands that can give you rosy cheeks, but a “lit from within” glow, try these 1o tips to get glowing cheeks this summer.

10 Ways To Get Glowing Cheeks in Summer

1. Exfoliate Once or Twice a Week: Exfoliation helps to get rid of dead skin cells that build up and give skin a dull and lacklustre look. To get rid of flaky and dry skin, use a mild scrub or this “homemade rice and milk scrub” to polish skin once or twice a week.

2. Facial Massage: Massage your cheeks in circular motion twice a day to increase blood circulation, this practice will give a natural glow to the cheeks.

3. Healthy Diet: “You are what you eat!” That’s so true, especially for healthy skin. For glowing skin, add colourful foods such as carrots, tomatoes and other nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Also, do not forget to eat a good portion of nuts and seeds to get your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Stay Hydrated: Water is an elixir that has magical benefits, and that’s why experts recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water can solve almost all skin-related issues. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated, flushes out toxins, and clears out all skin woes.

5. Lemon and Honey Mix: Squeeze out juice from half a lemon and add 1 tbsp of honey to it. Mix well and apply on the face and neck area. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse away with normal water.

6. Tomato Facial: This homemade facial with tomatoes clears dull skin, brightens complexion, reduces tan and adds amazing low to the skin.

7. Exercise Regularly: Don’t you just love that wonderful glow after a sweaty session in the gym? Exercising, yoga, every form of physical activity promotes blood circulation and helps to clear out toxins from the body, and helps the skin glow from within.

8. Almond and Rose Petal Face Pack: Grind a few almonds and mix them with crushed rose petals and honey. The pack may be easily stored in fridge for up to a week. Rose petals will add that rosy texture and colour to your cheeks.

9. Fresh Rose Petal and Raw Milk Face Pack: Take crushed rose petals and 1 tbsp raw milk. Blend them. Use this paste to apply on your face for that rosy glow to your overall face.

10. Beetroot Face Pack: This is the easiest remedy to get instant natural blush on your cheeks. Just dab some beetroot juice on your cheeks and you have the natural flush of red and pink on your cheeks. Although, this remedy is only temporary and not a permanent solution.

So these were a few tips. Choose what suits you best!

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