Everyone wants to lose weight, and that too fast! It’s a fact that losing weight can decrease the risk factors for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and alleviate weight-related issues like joint pain, and also ease out symptoms associated with hormonal issues. But some of us may want to lose weight to fit into smaller-sized clothes or into a pair of old jeans – whatever the reason maybe, it’s a good decision to lose extra flab and get fit. In this post, we have come up with some valuable tips that can actually get you fast results if you want to desperately lose some weight. In fact, with these tips, you can kickstart your weight loss journey and burn fat successfully.

Weight Loss Tips That Will Get you Fast Results

1. The Right Kind of Weight Loss Diet Plan: Make no mistake, a good diet plan coupled with physical activity would help you get into calorie deficit and burn excess fat and melt away excess kilos in a matter of just few months. And dieting definitely does not mean starving yourself! A healthy weight loss diet plan, such as Rati Beauty diet, puts on you plans that make getting into calorie deficit a breeze without food deprivation. These food items will make you feel fuller and better, and the best part is that they are low in calories, so you can eat them to your heart’s liking. Food in Rati Beauty diet plan is nutrient dense too, promoting fullness and nourishing the body at same time. Since they are also high in protein, fiber particularly help feel one fuller for longer. Your body needs calories to function normally. Starving yourself can give you results in beginning, but it can have adverse effects on your health, body, skin and hair. Also when you get too hungry, there are high chances for binge eating from the fridge and you will be unknowingly piling up calories and fat in your body. Instead indulge in a healthy meal and satisfy your body. So, do check out the Rati Beauty diet plan for more details.

2. Amp Up Protein and Fiber Content: Food high in dietary fiber and protein get digested slowly, keep the blood sugar level stable, and burn more calories too. So, replace junk food with those high in protein and dietary fiber.

3. Reduce Stress: Chronic stress not only makes it difficult to lose weight, it encourages build up of fat around the belly region! Do you know that one of the reasons behind frequent hunger pangs can be chronic stress, which can push you to seek resort in emotional eating. Stress and anxiety leads to release of cortisol (stress hormone), which can in turn increase the process of gluconeogenesis, where blood glucose is made from breaking down body’s muscles, and this blood glucose causes increase in abdominal fat. So, if you do want to expedite the process of weight loss, you need to find ways to lower stress and anxiety. Go for a walk, run, exercise, listen to music, or find a hobby that can help relieve stress and anxiety. Read about “10 Tips to Lower Stress in order to Lose Weight” in this post.

4. Cut the Frequency of Eating Out: You can lose a considerable amount of weight by eating home-cooked food! It’s easier to keep a track of calories when food is cooked at home. Though it’s okay to indulge in a slice of pizza occasionally, remember to get back on track the next day.

5. Say No To Sugary Drinks and Aerated Beverages: Love your colas and fizzy soft drinks? Hmmm, you need to give up these sugar-laden drinks with zero benefits and high calories to lose weight. Alcoholic beverages and aerated drinks have too many empty calories in them and they will not help you lose weight, in fact you will quickly gain weight if you consume such drinks.

6. Change your Workout Routine Frequently: Still following your old workout regime? Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Explore zumba, brisk walking, HIIT (high intensity workout), weight training, and boxing. Try something new every few days to keep your metabolism high. When you are following the same workout routine over and over again, the body adapts to those movements and over a period of time, they are no longer effective as they were before. Switch your exercise to burn calories and to increase your strength.

7. Give up Added Sugar: As we have mentioned above, sugar has empty calories that causes inflammation and makes losing weight quite difficult. You would do your body a big favour by quitting sugar altogether, not just for the purpose of shedding weight.

8. Replace Refined Carbs with Complex Carbs: Carbs have a bad reputation in the weight loss circles due to the common belief that they are fattening in nature and lead to increase of fat storages in the body; however, not all carbs are bad. Food items such as sugar, candies, white bread, pizza, donuts, cookies, burgers, chocolates, etc. have refined carbs that spike insulin levels and have loads of calories that quickly add up and get stored as fat in cells. On the other hand, complex carbs such as legumes, whole grains, vegetables, have comparatively lower glycemic index, get slowly digested, are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and help with weight loss. So, here’s a list of “Best Carbs to Eat for Weight Loss” you need to check out.

9. Keep Moving, Be Active Through the Day: Just one hour in the gym would be of no use if you spend the rest of the day on the couch or at the work desk. An essential fat-burning enzyme called “lipase” switches off its function after just 30 minutes of inactivity. That’s why it is completely essential to move around every few minutes to keep the calories burning.

10. Don’t Deprive yourself of Good-Quality Sleep: Getting good quality sleep, and that too for at least 7 to 8 hours, can do wonders for the whole weight loss process. You can literally have no food during the day and exercise like crazy for hours, but without a good night’s sleep, the tummy fat would not go anywhere. The better you sleep at night, more would be the chances of the body burning visceral fat, and flattening out the pooch. Also, when you wake up, it would be with a strong metabolism and low levels of ghrelin hormone (which is the hormone that makes you hungry). Additionally, 7 hours of sleep would help reduce cortisol level (stress hormone), which is one of the major reasons for increase in belly fat.

11. Stay Positive: At the end of the day, smile and never give up. If everyone else can do it, you could do it too! Appreciate even the smallest change, it may take time, but you will reach it. Keep your attitude positive at all times. Read some fitness stories for inspiration. One day you will reach your desired weight, keep moving!

Finally, It takes some time for the numbers on the weighing scale to move, wait for at least 20 days before you weigh yourself again. Remember to be consistent with your diet and work, and surely you will reap rewards. Hope these tips get you results, let us know your favourite tip, comment below, keep struggling!

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