That moment when you make the decision to lose weight and form a strong commitment to get healthy and fit, it’s half the battle won against the bulge. However, you definitely need the right approach, correct diet and exercise routine to burn away excess fat, and while doing so, ensuring all of them are healthy actions, not pills or potions that falsely claim to cut away extra fat from your problem areas. In this post, we list down 12 healthy actions that help you get fit and fab. Read on for more details:

12 Healthy Actions That Help you Get Fit

1. Keep Calorie Deficit: It’s essential to get the body into calorie deficit where calories consumed is fewer than the number of calories burned. Calorie deficit can be created by cutting calories through what we eat and through exercise. You can also choose either of the two options, but combining both will bring about significant changes in the body. Cutting down calories does not starving through the day or exercising every single day is not required – eat the right amount of food, exercise regularly and consistently, and see the extra pounds melt away.
2. Drink More Water: Drinking water is super important to keep the body healthy and run your physiological system smoothly. Research has shown that drinking at least 8 glasses of water boosts the weight loss process by suppressing appetite, controlling hunger pangs, boosting digestion, and also by flushing out toxins that cause inflammation.
3. Eat From Smaller Plates: Do you know you can trick your mind into believing you are eating a large amount of food just by switching meal plates to a smaller size. The bigger the plate, the larger is the room for more food to be served. Make that important switch from 10 inch dinner plate to 8 inch small plate, and you would be able to finish everything that’s there on the plate without overeating.
4. Strive to be More Active Every Day: As we have mentioned above, it’s not necessary to exercise and hit the gym every single day, but it’s important to be active and be on your feet everyday to keep the fat-burning process dynamic. Lipoprotein lipase is an enzyme that breaks down stored fat into free fatty acids (in simple terms, it keeps the fat burning process running), but with prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle, the functioning of this enzyme slows down and it affects fat burning by a great deal. That’s why, experts recommend being on your feet as much as possible, through the day.
5. Eat More Veggies with Every Meal: As we have mentioned above, you are likely to overeat with sugary and highly-processed food and get into a calorie surplus mode, but the same will not happen with vegetables on your plate. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and you would realize that you are able to clean the plate without wasting food and without dumping the extra calories into your body.
6. Eat Protein with Each Meal: Make protein a priority on the plate! Protein is an important macronutrient that not only repairs and builds muscles, it boosts metabolism, burns more calories with its high thermic effect. Eggs, tuna, chicken are good protein sources for non vegetarians. For vegetarians – lentils, beans, green peas, chickpeas, etc. are great sources.
7. Get 8 hours of sleep: All said and done, sleep deprivation is strongly linked to weight gain. We would describe sleep deprivation as having less than 7 hours of sleep. Having a sound sleep means waking up with a robust metabolism, with stress, hunger, insulin hormones all under control.
8. Take 10,000 steps and more: The first step towards a fit and leaner body is to get on your feet, and take more steps, and most experts recommend taking 10,000 steps or more through the day for that to happen. When the idea of hitting the gym and working out for hours together to lose weight does not seem like a do-able option, there is an easiest way to stay active and to make sure you are burning calories, and that’s by putting one step before another. So, walk your pet, ditch the elevator, and remember to stand up and walk every time you attend a call.
9. Limit Added Sugar: Adding refined sugar to everything is something you should learn to live without. Also added sugar that makes it way through baked goodies, processed food, etc., add a lot of unhealthy calories, raises inflammation, and makes losing weight extremely difficult. Say bye to sugar right now, it does absolutely nothing and increases the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.
10. Mix Cardio and Resistance Training to Lose Weight and Build Muscle: Doing only cardio exercises will not help you drop extra pounds that quickly, combining different workouts, especially resistance training will help build muscle, burn more fat, and give you a toned body. HIIT (high intensity interval training) routine is also a good way to burn more calories within a short period of time.
11. Weed out Transfat, Processed and Ultra-Processed Food: These foods add a lot of empty calories without any nutritional value, making it extremely difficult to lose weight. Transfat, in particular, mobilizes fat from other areas of the body to the belly!
12. Find Ways To De-Stress: Under stressful conditions, a lot of people turn to food for comfort and tend to eat unhealthy stuff like processed food and fast food (with too many calories). As we all know, it’s really difficult to avoid stressful situations, so the best way to fight stress is to find different stress buster techniques and not rely on food to calm jittery nerves. Playing with the pet, going for a walk, dancing, yoga or pursuing a hobby all act as great stress busters.

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