Even strict dieters would confess that they cannot show restraint around food while holidaying and tend to let go of watching what they are eating. We do agree that it becomes a bit difficult to watch out for portions and count calories when vacationing. But don’t fret, a few days of indulging wouldn’t ruin your gains, and even if the numbers on the weighing scale are creeping upwards after coming home, still don’t fret! It’s okay to have fun on a holiday because we understand it’s hard to summon will power when you are busy checking out local cuisine and tasting out mouth-watering desserts at every bakery that you can find. Just remember to get back on the diet after coming back from the vacation, and if you are struggling, here are 6 effective ways to get your diet back on track.

Ways To Get your Diet Back on Track After Vacation

1. Don’t Even Consider Crash Dieting: Don’t think of ways to punish your body for indulging in those yummy cheesecake brownies and apple pies, definitely not by crash dieting and depriving yourself of proper food for the next few days. In fact, pick a diet that’s easy to follow and sustainable. Crash dieting is neither healthy nor sustainable, and you would lose the motivation in just a few days. On the other hand, Rati Beauty Diet encourages you to eat the right kind of food, including veggies, fruits, whole grains, and even healthy fats, still managing to keep you within a calorie deficit so that fat burning would continue.
2. Consider Each Meal as a New Start: Consider every meal as a fresh start and do not kick yourself over not practicing restraint around food when you were holidaying. Do not wait for a Monday or a new month to lose weight, do it right now, from the next meal onwards.
3. Keep a Food Diary: Get hold of a diary and pen and start tracking your eating pattern every single day, and do it for at least two weeks. By this time, you would be right back on the track. Research says that people who keep a food journal and write down every meal into it, find it easy to eliminate calorie-rich and unhealthy food over the next few days. A food journal also helps to set a routine and down the frequency of snacking as well.
4. Clear out the Refrigerator and Kitchen: Get rid of temptations, first from the kitchen and refrigerator, then from your life. It becomes convenient to graze on high-calorie and packaged food when you are just bored and want to nibble on something to pass time when the refrigerator and kitchen is full of “ready-to-eat” items. The “out of sight, out of mind” policy would work very well when you stop stocking up junk food in the kitchen. Avoid buying and storing unhealthy snacks, processed food in your fridge, kitchen, and pantry, and see how amazingly this step would benefit you in cutting empty calories, and help with weight loss.
5. Shop with a Grocery List: Shopping without a grocery list can push you towards unhealthy foods that can attract with colorful packaging and unverified claims. Your grocery list can actually determine whether you are going to lose weight or gain a few more kgs over the coming weeks. That’s why one should place a lot of importance while preparing the grocery list because you might be bringing home stuff that can flood your body with loads of calories, unhealthy fats, high sodium and sugary foods, making it extremely difficult to keep off the weight. Do not go for grocery shopping without a list.
6. Meal Prep: Planning your meals ahead for the week and meal prepping ensures you would eating healthy and stick to the weight loss diet. Meal prepping promotes healthy eating and saves a lot of time during busy days when you have no time for elaborate cooking. Preparing batches of healthy food and storing them up in the fridge, that would last for most days in the week will save a lot of money, and cut down loads of calories that make their way through ordered foods from restaurants and eateries. Learn how to meal prep on a weekly basis to lose weight on the Rati Beauty app.

With these tips on your side, it would be super easy to get back on your weight loss journey.

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