Hot and humid summery days are here! If you have been skipping sunscreen up until now, here’s a gentle reminder to wear a sunscreen every single day to prevent premature ageing and skin damage, and that too with SPF of at least 30, along with broad spectrum protection. Along with sunscreen, if you love wearing makeup, you would also need long-staying and sweat-proof makeup that just wouldn’t melt off in the scorching heat. Isn’t it a pain to see all the makeup just melt off within a few minutes of application in the heat and humidity? So, to help summer-proof your makeup, here’s a list of things that will help your makeup stay put even on the hottest of the days. Shall we start?

Ways To Melt Proof your Makeup This Summer

1. Sweatproof Sunscreen: A good sweatproof sunscreen will not only protect you from the harmful effects of sun, it would also not come off with sweating profusely. Even in heat and humidity, you can stay assured that you are sun safe. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen SPF 50 claims to be water resistant, sweat resistant, non greasy, and gets absorbed quickly as well. There are other sweat-proof and water-resistant sunscreens in the market that you can check out.

2. Matte Primer: A good primer not only creates a smooth canvas for your makeup to glide on, it smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and also increases the longevity/staying power of your makeup. The silicones in primer act as a barrier between the skin and humidity and hence your makeup wouldn’t sweat away as easily it would without a primer. Benefit the Porefessional Primer is one of the best out there.

3. Makeup fixing mists: These mists not only refresh your face on hot days, they would help you to set your makeup so that there is no makeup meltdown embarrassments in the heat and also such sprays increase the staying power of your makeup. Our pick – MAC Fix + Spray and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

4. Long-staying Foundation: On hot days, you should pick up long-staying, matte, foundations that are not too heavy yet they wouldn’t come down with the sweat. Our suggestion would be to pick foundations with silicones because as mentioned earlier, silicones act as a barrier between skin and humidity. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup is one such foundation.

5. Gel Eyeliner: The extreme heat shouldn’t deter you from playing up your eyes. Gel eyeliners would be the best for hot days instead of liquid liners because they wouldn’t give you raccoon eyes after your eyelids become oily.

6. Eyeshadow Primer: Talking about eye makeup, the one thing that is going to hold your eyeliner, mascara, and the various shadows in place is an eyeshadow primer. A good eyeshadow primer would prevent your eyelids from turning oily and ruining the whole eye makeup in the process.

7. Waterproof Mascara: Mascara is one product which many of us wouldn’t ditch for anything! A good mascara can open up your eyes and give you an awakened look, along with volumizing and curling up lashes. We would suggest you to wear a good waterproof mascara that wouldn’t wash away even when you are spritzing refreshing mists on your face.

8. Long-Lasting Concealer: You would still need a concealer to cover scars, flaws, pigmentation, blemishes, on a hot day. You should check out wateproof and long-staying concealers with intense pigmentation which can camouflage imperfections for a long stretch of time. Our suggestion would be MAC Prolong Wear Concealer.

Finally, the most important tip – try the Jamsu technique to fix your makeup and make it matte and long lasting. This is a makeup tip that model Bella Hadid vouches by – in this technique, to make the makeup long lasting, after doing the whole routine of base makeup, foundation, concealer, and even powder, we need to fill a big bowl with ice cold water and submerge the whole face in it (for around 15 to 20 seconds). Now, pat your face dry, do not rub! This routine will ensure that the makeup would not come off on a hot and summery day! Try it for yourself!

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